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The Datarama Platform

We streamline the traditional risk-consulting model to make compliance-driven due diligence cheaper and faster. Our risk management platform also provides the business intelligence investors need to identify targets.

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Unrivalled Data & Analysis on Private Companies in Emerging Markets

Datarama is the one-stop source for hard-to-find risk analysis and due diligence information on China and South-east Asia. Our database includes 435,000+ companies, 500,000 individuals, 27 business families, and maps out 750,000 relationships between them. The list is growing every day.


Searching for an entity that's not in our database? Users can request profiles of any additional company, individual or family in China and South-east Asia.


We specialise in providing information on private companies in China and South-east Asia, and plan to expand rapidly to other markets


We assess the backgrounds, corporate and political relationships of Asia’s leading business people


We decode the vast business networks of Asia’s tycoons and their intricate family relationships


Our unique methodology provides an alternative to the biased approach of rating agencies. We assess risks and opportunities presented by companies in an independent, scientific and objective manner


Our unique interactive mapping tool mines Asia’s complex web of business connections to reveal hidden shareholders and proxies


We analyse track records, deals, disputes and financial information to assess and contextualise the reputations of companies and individuals

Risk-Consulting Services

Not everything is reported in the public domain, especially in emerging markets. Our bespoke risk-consulting service includes enquiries with sources on the ground to add colour and context to our public profiles. This additional information is often invaluable to understand who you are really doing business with.


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