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Indonesia’s e-KTP Scandal and Implications for Investment

14 Sep, 2017

The Indonesian bureaucracy has long been haunted graft scandals, and the latest to make the headlines is the one surrounding the e-KTP.

How Do You Rationalise Business Decisions When Doing Due Diligence?

2 Sep, 2017

It is a full ten years since the global financial crisis, yet the lingering anxiety over market conditions has never quite left us. Back in 2007, the one of the causes of the subprime crisis was borrowers’ lack of understanding of the loans they were taking on, while the complexity of collateralised debt obligations (CDO) rendered even the most experienced investors clueless as to what they were really purchasing. 

Navigating the Murky Waters of China’s Grey Rhinos

25 Aug, 2017

Chinese regulators are fond of animal metaphors. From “iron roosters (铁公鸡)” for listed companies that do not reward investors with cash dividends, to “crocodiles at large (漏网大鳄)”, for tycoons with a murky web of assets, Chinese officials have used animal-inspired figures in their remarks on financial risks. In recent months, a new term, “grey rhinos 灰犀牛”, has charged into the Chinese financial vocabulary.

The Rice Of Politics In Indonesian Business

10 Aug, 2017

On paper, Indonesia is the perfect private equity playground. Indonesia’s fast growing economy, young population, expanding middle class and underserved domestic consumer segments are key pluses for private equity firms.

Privatization of State-Owned Enterprises in Vietnam: Opportunities and Challenges

27 Jul, 2017

It has been a difficult month for the management of Vietnam Southern Food Corporation, also known as Vinafood 2. Earlier in July, Vietnam’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development completed an inspection of Vinafood 2’s operations and identified various malpractices and violations in the management and sale of assets. Moreover, also in July, the company failed for a second time to complete its Initial Public Offering (IPO). The IPO deadline has since been extended and Vinafood 2 has three additional months in which to go public.

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