The Datarama Platform

A unique tool to manage risks and discover opportunities


Understand risks: Datarama reinvents due diligence in emerging markets. We streamline the expensive project-based model of traditional risk-consulting firms, making it faster and cheaper to meet compliance requirements.


Discover opportunities: Our advanced search tool helps emerging-market investors identify corporate targets, then get immediate access to their fundamental data and our risk assessment.


We provide data on private companies in China and South-east Asia that cannot be found on any other platform. We extract and cross-check material from specialised media, deep-web sources and official records to unearth obscure information and highlight hidden associations.


Our unique rating methodology provides an objective and independent assessment of emerging-market companies. We aim to provide an alternative to rating agencies and to establish our technology-driven approach as the standard in risk rating.


Our proprietary database and software constructs a comprehensive visual representation of corporate, personal and political connections.


Our teams of analysts, editors and country experts assess each company and individual public profile and provide evaluation and strategic advisory.

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